Who is ready for a Summer KAL?   

I've seen the design for Marie Greene's Fireworks sweater -- and our DK Tweed is the PERFECT yarn for your sweater!   I can't tell you much about the sweater right now, other than it's a single color with a beautiful and simple stitch design to keep you interested -- and the tweed with the bits of colors interspersed just keep you knitting!

Marie's KAL begins July 1st -- but I would suggest you order your yarn early so we can dye up your sweater quantity and get it to you well in advance of Cast On day!   We will have several goodies for you to include in your sweater quantity -- including some exclusive stitch markers that we've created and made -- along with some other goodies!


Coupon Code FIREWORKS will get you 15% off of your order!


Here are the pattern size details:    The fit is a recommended 2 inches of positive ease from your full bust:

Sizes:   (1) 33.9, (2) 36.75, (3) 43, (4) 46, (5) 48.5, (6) 53, (7) 56.75, (8) 60, (9) 64

Yardage suggestions:  33.9 - 1010  (5 skeins)

                                 36.75 - 1182  (5 skeins)

                                 43 - 1335  (6 skeins)

                                 46 - 1485  (7 skeins)

                                 48.5 - 1597  (7 skeins)

                                 53 - 1688   (8 skeins)

                                 56.75 - 1784  (8 skeins)

                                 60 - 1886   (8 skeins)

                                 64 - 1994  (9 skeins)

You will need to purchase your pattern from Marie and she's selling it on Ravelry.   There is a discount for pre-ordering your pattern if you buy it before May 28th.   The pattern will load into your library on June 30th.

I want you to know that the colors that I have listed for DK Tweed are just what we've dyed and had photographed.   ALL of our colors are available to be ordered in our Tweed base.   Feel free to look at colorways (which are sub divided into color family tabs) to see if you are interested in a color that just isn't photographed and listed in Tweed.   I just want you to know you have lots of options!   I would stay away from a colorway that's got many different colors in it for this pattern, though.   The Tweed is enough colors.   But if you wanted to knit this in our other DK -- well that would be fabulous too!