Saturday, November 4, Morning Pockets Plus+ Class with Kate Oates

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This class will be Saturday, November 4 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at the Fiber Frolic Retreat



Pockets are such a delightful addition to a sweater!  In this course you will learn how to add pockets to an existing design, whether it is top-down or bottom-up.  We will go through each feature one at a time, outlining the set-up, how to work the piece, and any required finishing.  Instructions for four different pattern styles will be taught along with considerations including:

  • Placement
  • Size
  • Dimensions
  • Proportions to garment

Plus+ Students Choice:  Class handout includes instructions to add a Hood to a garment.   We will go through this information if the class desires, or spend more time working pockets.   Either way, the information goes home with you.


Knitters should bring a pattern of their choice (from any designer!) that they would like to add pockets - planning your pockets ahead of time gives you all of the options! Finished sweaters of WIPs are also welcome.   


If you don't know where to start, you can check out Kate's Gramps Cardigan, Sunday Crew or Flutter.



Skill Level:  All Skill Levels

Class time: 2 hours

Class size: maximum 16



Students will receive their homework assignment 2 weeks prior to the Retreat.  Getting a few swatches ready ahead of time will maximize class time in practicing the pockets themselves.


Required Skills:

-Cast on

-Knitting and purling

-basic increasing and decreasing