Saturday, November 4, Afternoon Top-Down Seamless Set-In Sleeves class with Kate Oates

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This class will be Saturday, November 4 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Fiber Frolic Retreat

 This construction method is needles-down the most flattering, classic, tailored fit out there for pretty much all body types.  Knitters will choose any one of Kate's patterns featuring this method to use in clasee (and hopefully beyond!!).  

We will begin by taking your personal measurements and discussing how to choose the appropriate size.   Getting started in the challenging part, so in class we will knit the Shoulder Tabs and get your sweater all joined up so that you can move forward with confidence in the rest of your project.

Instruction will be provided for provisional CO, cable CO, picking up stitches and short row shaping for those who are not familiar with these techniques.

Current pattern options include:  Little White Cardi, Naveen, Just Nicole, Juliet Twist, Whimsy.

Skill Level:  Adventurous Beginner

Class time: 4 hours

Class size: maximum 16



-Pattern (make your choice before class)

-calculator, pencil, scrap paper

-scissors, darning needle, measuring tape

-a finished, blocked swatch AT LEAST 5inches square according to the pattern gauge

-all materials required to knit the pattern of your choice, including project yarn (or scrap yarn if you prefer not to move forward with your sweater after class) needles*, scrap yarn, stitch markers, crochet hook.

*Note:  It will be necessary to manipulate your needles at each turn for the first few rows after Shoulders are joined.  Flexible, slick needles are recommended, and having additional set(s) of your larger needles (in any length) on hand is not required, but may make for a smoother transition.  I use my shortest tip needles with an extra log cord to use a single set of needles for this process.


Homework:  None.