Advent KAL Yarn Sets

Advent KAL Yarn Sets



When you were a kid, did you ever have an Advent Calendar that you opened up each day and discovered a fun treat?   We did, and the treats were fun shapes of chocolate.  In many parts of the world, Advent is still celebrated and is a season of anticipation and surprise.

This is our fourth year creating these fun kits -- and the Advent Yarn Kits are a fun way to treat yourself at the end of the year, and also participate in a fun KAL knitting a wrap AND a cowl (if you like because there's SO.MUCH.YARN!!)  

The Details:  Each kit will include 25 large mini skeins (20 grams each - 80 yards) of our Merino/Cashmere/Nylon Fingering base, each skein wrapped separately (no peeking!).   There will be a new color each day -- along with goodies sprinkled in as well --  

The 25 skein Advent kits are sold out.   HOWEVER there's an option for a 12 skein Advent kit -- so all is not lost!   See the below info.....



Heather Boos of YellowRibbonCrafts on Instagram and Ravelry has designed a beautiful cowl that is perfect for the 12 skein mini skein sets.   Our sets are made out of our Merino Cashmere Nylon Fingering and are 80 yards in each color.     The pattern is a preorder right now, is not a secret, and you can see the stunning and super fun-to-knit cowl on Ravelry and in my Instagram post.