Advent KAL Yarn Sets

Advent KAL Yarn Sets

 When you were a kid, did you ever have an Advent Calendar that you opened up each day and discovered a fun treat?   We did, and the treats were fun shapes of chocolate.  In many parts of the world, Advent is still celebrated and is a season of anticipation and surprise.

This is our third year creating these fun kits -- and the Advent Yarn Kits are a fun way to treat yourself at the end of the year, and also participate in a fun KAL knitting a wrap AND a cowl (if you like because there's SO.MUCH.YARN!!)  

The Details:  Each kit will include 25 large mini skeins (20 grams each - 80 yards) of our Merino/Cashmere/Nylon Fingering base, each skein wrapped separately (no peeking!).   There will be a new color each day -- along with goodies sprinkled in as well --  


The wrap is a design by Ambah O'Brien --  there's a small version for 12 colors and a large version for 25 colors.   This kit is for 25 colors, and there's enough yardage to create the shawl and the accompanying cowl pattern Ambah as created -- so long as you knit to gauge.   And you won't have any problems with that because it's a great pattern, no lace -- just have to put the info out there to cover the bases.

You need to get the pattern from Ambah, and I'll have a link for that when it's available -- and I'll make sure you have the link when I send out the packages this November.


This item is a PREORDER and it will ship the week of November 11, 2019.   You will have tracking information so you know where your package is on its way to you!