Create your own Single Yarn Buddy!     It will take about a week for your Yarn Buddy to be created and a couple of days for it to reach you via USPO.  

 Let us know in the comments section when you order which variety it is you would like.

These are the wood varieties you can choose from:    I am working on getting photographs of each, so please be patient!

The ones there are photos for -- if you scroll through the photos and hold your mouse over the photo to view it, the name of the wood is revealed.





Honey Locust

Kentuky Coffee

Red Elm

White Oak








Each of the Yarn Buddies we sell is branded with "SVF" on the bottom and it's numbered.  Please only select one variety for your Single Yarn Buddy.   


The dimensions of the single spool Yarn Buddy are approximately a 4-1/2" circle by 7" tall. The dimensions do vary slightly by wood variety.  If you would like a spindle taller than 7", please just contact us and specify the height you would like.

Current Stock:
1.25 LBS
6.00 (in)
6.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
Shipping Cost:
$9.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Yarn Buddy

Melanie Williams on 23rd Jan 2017

bought 3 for Christmas gifts, the recipients loved them, so I bought one for me, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Yarn buddy lovin it

Chris on 15th Nov 2015

I love this because it helps me keep my yarn from getting tangled. Will be ordering another soon for a Christmas gift for a bestie! Thanks so much!!

Love my walnut yarn buddy!

Bonnie on 27th Aug 2015

My maple yarn buddy is fantastic. Love the look and it is a breeze to use. Thanks so much Jeanette and George for a great product.

Makes knitting so much easier

Stephanie on 6th Jan 2015

I love how the yarn buddy unwinds the yarn as needed. No more stopping every 10 stitches or so to tug on the yarn and unwind more so less interruptions and better flow of hand movement....makes me less likely to make mistakes. I asked for this for a gift for a couple of years and then finally just bought it for myself....wish I hadn't waited so long!

Best Knitting Tool Ever

Nancy on 18th Nov 2014

No more tangled yarn when I do projects that require two be knitted together. The quality of workmanship of the yarn buddy is fantastic. I would highly recommend the double yarn buddy be added to your repertoire of knitting tools. My cats can no longer have the opportunity to chase my yarn across the floor!