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Create your own Single Yarn Buddy!     It will take about a week for your Yarn Buddy to be created and a couple of days for it to reach you via USPO.   

These are the wood varieties you can choose from:    I am working on getting photographs of each, so please be patient!

The ones there are photos for -- if you scroll through the photos and hold your mouse over the photo to view it, the name of the wood is revealed.



Purple Heart




Brazilian Cherry

Caribbean Cherry


Black Limba




Goncalo Alves

Tiete Rosewood


Ambrosia Maple

and 1867 Chestnut Barnboard

Each of the Yarn Buddies we sell is branded with "SVF" on the bottom and it's numbered.  Please only select one variety for your Single Yarn Buddy.   

Let us know in the comments section when you order which variety it is you would like.

The dimensions of the single spool Yarn Buddy are approximately a 4-1/2" circle by 7" tall. The dimensions do vary slightly by wood variety.  If you would like a spindle taller than 7", please just contact us and specify the height you would like.

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Beautiful wood for beautiful yarn

Mary Lake on 19th Oct 2015

This is my 4th yarn buddy. I bought the first buddy for convenience, now I enjoy it for seeing the lovely wood while I knit. This buddy is a special treat because the wood is from 1867. I like to wonder what this wood might have "seen" in the last 160 years.

This yard buddy is my best buddy!

18th Oct 2015

This is the product that has been on my wish list for the longest time. I found exactly what I was looking for. The wood is high quality. I choose a darker wood and it is beautiful. Smooth, rich color. The bearings turn very easily. Very well made and will last a long time. Service was awesome. Had my buddy within a week or so after I ordered. Very well satisfied with product and customer service!

Great product!

28th May 2015

The Yarn Buddy took my crochet experience to another level. I no longer worry about managing my working yarn. It stays neatly mounted on the spindle so I can enjoy working on my project.

Working with yarn is so much easier

Ruth on 16th Apr 2015

I love my new yarn buddy. The yarn flows smoothly into my project now. No more tangles. And the wood is gorgeous!