Pre-order Details:  This item is a pre-order, and the kits will ship the week of November 13th.   

The yarn base used in the kit is our 80-10-10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon Fingering.   It's wonderful stuff and will feel luxurious next to you when you wrap yourself up in this gorgeous garment!   This is hands down our most popular base and it's the only one we offer for our scrumptious kits!

The kit will contain 25 individually wrapped 20 gram Mini skeins of yarn (80 yards)  and will include goodies to make you smile!    So there will be 25 numbered packages and also some extra goodies along the way and you can open them as you like --  =)    These colors will work for previous advent projects from Ambah and many other designers who come out with fun things to treat yourself with at the end of the year!

Some of the colors will be new, and some of them stunning colors we already dye.  The kit will not include the pattern -- you will need to get that from Ambah herself -- and this year it's for a wrap and also a cowl pattern.   The quantity of yarn in the kit you purchase from me is plenty to create the large shawl and the extra cowl pattern she's created -- so long as you knit to the gauge.   =)


Shipping to the lower 48 states is included and you will receive a tracking number to follow where the goodies are in their trek to you.    Shipping prices elsewhere will be figured out and you will receive a refund for any difference.

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